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In the Northern Rockies and Adjoining Regions

Men and women, old and young, throughout the Northern Rockies Ecosystems are working to preserve the wilderness and roadless areas that remain. It is a difficult task, made more so by the pervasive idea that resource extraction (read logging and mining) is the only avenue to prosperity in the region. Some of the organizations on the front line are listed below. Visit their web sites; get acquainted. They are our allies.

Alliance for the Wild Rockies is concerned with environmental issues throughout the northern Rocky Mountain region.

The Bitterroot Quiet Use Coalition (BQUC) is dedicated to protecting our quiet, natural places from growing crowds and noise.

Bitterrooters for Planning are bringing land use planning and zoning to Ravalli County in a dedicated effort to assure long term environmental protection at the County Government level

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics Active and retired Forest Service employees who put their jobs and social standing on the line to stand up for true environmental stewardship.

Greater Yellowstone Coalition has the goal of protecting the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

LightHawk The largest and oldest volunteer-based environmental aviation organization in North America

Lolo Peak News, Bruce and Mary Burk, editors; 273-6174 - message or fax; Email: lolopeaknews1 [AT]

The Montana Wilderness Association Over 5,000 Montanans working to preserve wilderness, wilderness study areas, and roadless areas in Montana.

Montana Wildlife Federation is an organization of hunters, fishers, and other conservationists who value wildlife and the 'fair chase' hunting tradition.

Natural Trails and Waters Coalition is dedicated to keeping trails and waterways free of trail cycles, jet skiis, and other intrusive motorized forms of transportation.

Swan View Coalition Based in the Flathead, this group addresses a range of environmental issues in Northwest Montana.

Montana Environmental Information Center addresses a wide rnage of environmental issues, most statewide in scope.

The WildWest Institute works to protect and restore the forests, wildlands, watersheds and wildlife of the Northern Rockies.

Wilderness Watch An organization dedicated to keeping existing wilderness areas pristine.

Wildlands CPR is a new group whose mission is to control and limit the use of motorized transportaion (both wheeled and over-snow) on public lands.

Women's Voices for the Earth Women-centered environmental justice organization.