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editor's note:

here's an informative article about the US economic downturn's impact on the BC Canadian timber industry

see the entire article at


Gordon Hamilton

Vancouver Sun

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sawmills are shutting down across the province -- some sporadically, some for good. The situation isn't likely to improve any time soon

Almost 10,000 British Columbia forest sector workers are out of jobs as sawmills respond to the collapse lumber demand in the U.S. by cutting production and sending people home.

From Fort Nelson to Vancouver Island, mills are closing their doors, cutting back on shifts, operating sporadically or implementing job-sharing to get their costs down. A Vancouver Sun survey of companies that have announced layoffs since January 2007 shows 34 mills are down either permanently or indefinitely. Twenty-three have curtailed shifts or introduced job-sharing. The cost in jobs lost, both permanent and temporary, has climbed to 9,597.............